Weddings will never be complete without garter belts. It is an important traditional item that brides need to wear on their wedding day. There is not one wedding I have attended where a garter belt is absent. It has been an integral part of wedding traditions that dates back centuries ago. But hardly anyone knows why brides really wear such. Do you? I mean, I have always seen them worn and tossed during wedding ceremonies but I can’t seem to figure out why they do it. So, why do brides really wear a garter belt during their wedding?


Why Brides Wear Garter Belts

If you consult history, a garter belt is actually used a proof to the family and friends of the bride and groom that they have consummated the sacrament of marriage. Family members are to enter the room of the bride and groom and be given the garter belt as proof that they are already married. Aside from historical origins, I have also been told that the garter belt is a sign of good luck for the newly married couple. Back in the days, many onlookers would tend to lose control and steal a piece of the bride and grooms clothing during their marriage to serve as a god luck charm. This is the reason why the garter belt is tossed during the wedding reception – to give as a good luck charm to people who attended the wedding. But a garter belt can sometimes be expensive which is why making your own is a good idea. Read below if you want to know how.


How To Make Garter Belts

I know for a fact that sometimes, even small wedding trinkets such as this could cost you some money. Sometimes, it is always better to make your own. It is actually really easy to make one and all you need are a few materials: elastic strip, safety pin, ribbon, laces of two different sizes, thread and needle. These materials will enable you to make a basic looking garter belt already. If you want to add more pizzazz to your garter belt, you can add beads, crystals, flowers and many others. Let your imagination run wild!



After preparing all the materials that you need, you will need to get started already. Measure your thigh and cut the elastic strip as well as the laces to your desired length and fit. Use the shorter lace and pin it in one edge of the ribbon.Sandwichthe bottom part of the lace that is pinned on the ribbon using another ribbon. Start sewing the pinned sections together. Now take the wider lace and sandwich it with ribbon strip again. Now attach both laces to the elastic and make sure to sew the ends together. You can add some embellishments if you want to but this is the classic and easiest way to create your garter belt.


Happy Married Life

Garter BeltsThere are just some wedding traditions that cannot be broken even if we can hardly find the reason to such tradition. But according to history and superstition a garter belt is important. You can choose to make your own garter belt if you want using the tutorial I gave you above to make it more unique and personal. No matter the style, design and material used in garter belts, it will always be part of weddings to serve as a good luck charm and as proof of marriage.